Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Israel is Trained for Such Attacks: Defence Experts

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In an analysis of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, experts in defence and international affairs have weighed in on Israel’s military capabilities and the current situation in the region. Defence experts assert that Israel, as a powerful nation, possesses a well-trained army equipped to handle such attacks.

Major General (Retd) Sanjay Soi, an international affairs and defence expert, highlighted the surprise factor caused by Hamas launching approximately 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel. He described this as an intelligence failure on Israel’s part, leading to a significant increase in casualties. Nevertheless, Major General Soi expressed confidence in Israel’s strong intelligence infrastructure and its unwavering commitment to protect its territory.

Major General Soi emphasized that while facing attacks from multiple directions presents a substantial challenge for Israel, its well-prepared army is capable of handling such threats. He noted that Israel has swiftly recovered and anticipates a potent counter-attack.

Regarding India’s stance on the conflict, Major General Soi stated that India has historically maintained positive relations with the Middle East. However, he expressed concern over the targeting of civilian areas in the attacks, which goes against India’s firm stance against terrorism. He affirmed India’s support for Israel during this challenging time.

Defence expert Qamar Agha also emphasized Israel’s capability to eliminate militant organizations independently and predicted a prolonged operation with a focus on retaliation.

Former Indian diplomat Mahesh Sachdeva expressed concern about the impact of the conflict on Israel’s internal issues, including the ongoing judicial overhaul. He highlighted that Israel, being a powerful nation, is likely to regain control over its borders but cautioned that further military intervention could lead to escalated violence.

According to reports from The Times of Israel, the death toll in Israel has surpassed 700 people since the onset of Hamas’ attacks, with more than 2,243 individuals injured and admitted to Israeli hospitals. Israeli forces continue to engage with Hamas terrorists as they work to secure communities along the border. The situation in Israel remains a matter of global concern as experts assess the path forward in this ongoing conflict.

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