Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Israel PM Netanyahu Commends Unwavering U.S. Support Amidst Conflict with Hamas

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude on Wednesday for the unwavering support of U.S President Joe Biden during the ongoing conflict with Hamas, emphasizing the remarkable level of cooperation between the two nations. The two leaders issued a joint statement following their meeting in Tel Aviv, where Netanyahu lauded President Biden for equipping Israel with the necessary tools for self-defense and sending a resolute message to their adversaries.

In a joint media briefing alongside President Biden, Prime Minister Netanyahu further acknowledged the U.S.’s support in providing essential infrastructure for combating the Hamas terrorist group during the ongoing conflict. He cited the deployment of two American carrier battle groups to the region as a clear demonstration of this support.

Netanyahu also expressed his deep appreciation for President Biden’s visit to Israel during these challenging times, underlining the significance of having an American President in the country during a period of conflict. He conveyed the thanks of the Israeli people for the steadfast support provided by the U.S., both in the present and in the future.

During the meeting, Netanyahu conveyed his concerns about the actions of Hamas, describing their crimes as including rape, burning, kidnapping, and the deliberate targeting of young children. He lamented the death toll resulting from Hamas rocket attacks, which he estimated to be around 1,400 and possibly higher, marking October 7 as a day of infamy.

The Israeli Prime Minister echoed President Biden’s previous statement, characterizing Hamas as being worse than ISIS. He emphasized the need for the civilized world to unite against Hamas.

Upon President Biden’s arrival in Tel Aviv, he was welcomed by both Netanyahu and Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog, with warm embraces. It’s worth noting that the customary formalities for such visits, including greetings from the full Israeli cabinet and religious leaders, were not observed.

The U.S. President’s visit coincided with a tragic incident in Gaza, where an explosion at a hospital on Tuesday resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives, underscoring the urgency of addressing the ongoing conflict.

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