Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Israel’s Envoy Lambasts UN Security Council for Failing to Condemn Hamas as a Terrorist Group

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In an impassioned address to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s permanent representative, vehemently criticized the Security Council for its failure to label Hamas as a terrorist organization during a recent session. Using evocative language, Erdan described the recent attack as “barbaric and a widescale terror attack in decades, even bigger than 9/11,” expressing frustration at what he perceived as the council’s reluctance to designate Hamas as a terrorist group, potentially due to political considerations.

“The most barbaric and widescale terror attack in decades, bigger than 9/11, was perpetrated 11 days ago and it seems like this Council has already forgotten. The pictures and footage from the October 7 pogrom are seared into my brain, in every Israeli’s brain, forever…Thousands of barbaric Hamas Nazis invaded Israel and brutally murdered 1,400 innocent Israelis… Some were raped, others beheaded, and some were burned alive,” Erdan passionately articulated, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the atrocities committed.

Erdan didn’t mince words as he highlighted the deliberate targeting of civilians by Hamas, drawing a direct comparison between the group’s actions and the modus operandi of the notorious ISIS. Expressing his dismay, he pointed out the failure of the Security Council to denounce Hamas’s heinous terror attack. “Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza 18 years ago. Hamas was then elected. Elected by the people of Gaza. I hear a lot that they do not represent them. Elected. And after murdering the Palestinian Authority officials by throwing them off rooftops, Hamas proceeded to convert every inch of the Gaza Strip to a war machine,” he emphasized, seeking to provide context to the ongoing conflict.

Painting a vivid picture of the distress and chaos during the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Erdan described how sirens blared across Israel, and civilians frantically sought shelter to protect themselves from imminent danger. He accused Hamas of manipulating civilian casualties for propaganda purposes, thus limiting Israel’s ability to respond effectively.

Meanwhile, during his visit to Israel, US President Joe Biden echoed similar sentiments, drawing a stark parallel between the recent Hamas attack and “fifteen 9/11s” for a nation the size of Israel. Reaffirming America’s unwavering support for Israel, Biden underscored the fundamental need for a secure haven for the Jewish people and pledged the commitment of the United States to stand firmly by Israel as it defends its citizens.

The President’s visit, while not observing the customary formalities, symbolized a profound display of solidarity and underscored the enduring bond between the United States and Israel, particularly in the face of the recent terrorist attacks orchestrated by Hamas. The solemnity of the occasion reflected the gravity of the situation and the shared determination to confront and condemn acts of terrorism in all forms.

Erdan stressed the United Nation’s failure to recognize Hamas as a terrorist group that not only undermines the severity of its actions but also emboldens the group to continue its reign of terror, posing a significant threat to regional stability and global security.

Furthermore, Erdan highlighted the deceptive tactics employed by Hamas to manipulate public opinion and garner support, underscoring the need for a more discerning approach when assessing information coming from the Gaza Strip. He emphasized the critical role of accurate information in understanding the complex dynamics at play and urged the international community to remain vigilant in discerning truth from propaganda.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, as described by Erdan, underscores the challenging realities faced by the Israeli people, who continue to live under the constant threat of indiscriminate violence and terror.

Biden’s visit to Israel further underscored the unwavering commitment of the United States to stand by its ally in the face of adversity, reaffirming the enduring partnership and shared values that bind the two nations together. As the international community grapples with the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the words of both Erdan and Biden serve as a clarion call for unity, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to peace and stability in the region.

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