Italian scientists claim to have developed COVID-19 vaccine that kills virus in human cells

6 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Italian scientists on Wednesday claimed that they have developed a vaccine that helps in killing the virus in human cells.

The researchers of Italy have recently claimed to develop a vaccine that can neutralize coronavirus in human cells. As per the reports, the test of the vaccine was conducted on mice by scientists at a medical firm that has the capacity of working on human cells and blocks the virus from spreading. The team of scientists observed the results of five vaccines that generated many antibodies and selected the best two vaccines.

CEO of Takis, Luigi Aurisicchio revealed that it has happened for the first time that a vaccine has neutralized the COVID-19 virus in human cells. He also revealed that they are the first in the world to have demonstrated neutralization of COVID-19 by a vaccine. The vaccines that have been developed are based on DNA protein Spike. The vaccine is injected with electroporation technique which includes an intramuscular injection followed by an electrical impulse that helps the vaccine to enter the cells quickly.

Reports reveal that the entire process helps the vaccine to be more effective for generating antibodies in the cells of the lungs where the virus is more vulnerable. Moreover, another Italian company revealed that their vaccine has shown positive responses on animals. The antibody was successful in preventing the infection and the T cells help in removing the virus which has already entered the organism.

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Some hours back, Israel Defence Minister also claimed of developing an antibody at the main biological research institute IIBR, which can also fight with the virus and neutralize it easily. Unfortunately, the statement didn’t clarify whether the human trials for the vaccine were conducted.