It’s tough for players to stay in a bio bubble: Murali Kartik

23 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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In an exclusive conversation with NewsX as part of NewsX India A-List, Murali Kartik spoke to us about his lockdown experiences, how he felt being part of the IPL in a bio bubble and much more.

Murali Kartik, former Indian cricketer and a popular figure in commentary, is well-known for his slow left arm orthodox bowling. Having charmed cricket lovers across the world with his bowling skills, Murali Kartik recently got recognised by NewsX India A-List for excellence in Cricket. Joining us for an exclusive conversation, he spoke about his lockdown experiences, how he felt being part of the IPL in a bio bubble and much more.

Speaking about his emotions and experiences during the 2nd wave of Covid-19,  in the wake of which IPL was first postponed and later stopped in middle, Murli said, “Pandemic has been a tough one for everyone but more so for people on ground. We were actually much protected as a commentary team. With that point of view we didn’t had many problems but I can imagine teams traveling and engaging in contracts would have been tougher amid the pandemic.” 

“Since last year, I got the feeling that as soon as a little bit unlocking starts people got careless. It is our responsibility to make sure that we don’t go out till the time we aren’t needed to go out. Most important of all is we should all be happy in our homes and not feel entrapped into it. We can only control the controllable,” he added.

When asked about the concept of bio bubble, especially in cricket, which is a contact game, Murali responded, “People in bio bubble is never easy. We need to return to normalcy. We all are missing luxuries of life which is not to go around in expensive restaurants but to simply move around with freedom and without mask; meet our people without the fear of either contacting with the virus or passing it to someone else. That is the normal luxury. From sports point of view, it’s tough for players to stay in a bio bubble. There’s a life beyond a sport. Hopefully we come back to normalcy soon.”

Speaking on what the players have missed out in almost past 2 years of time is very evident now, he said “Unfortunately, it’s same for everyone. People who had to write exams are unable to do it and are sitting home. For sports people, Olympics has been postponed and rescheduled. So, imagine all the athletes, who worked so hard for it. We come back to same thing that it’s for everyone. Now it is about mental strength and controlling the controllable. We need to be surrounded by positive people and thinking. We need to look inwardly because the easiest thing in these days is to get despondent.”

When asked about something new or novel he has picked up in last few days, he shared, “To be honest, I have caught up in a lot of sleep these days at home. I am not someone who’ll sleep a lot. I have been the happiest being at home. The only thing I did in my 1st lockdown was to read Sai Suchadutta. I read it 6-7 times. I have read books but apart from that I haven’t done any specific thing.”

He ended the interview on a humorous note by stating that he have been a couch potato watching many fun OTT programs during the lockdown. He added a funny but a profound thing that we teach a dog to sit and stay but we are not able to do it ourselves as being the human beings.