Monday, December 11, 2023

Jacqueline remained connected with Sukesh, Nora cut ties, says EOW

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Actress Noora Fatehi was questioned by Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police on Thursday on her relationships and the gifts she received from con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is now being held in Tihar jail on charges of extortion of Rs 200 crore.

According to EOW Ravinder Yadav, special commissioner of police, her brother-in-law purchased a BMW from Chandrashekhar in 2021. Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez was also questioned by EOW about the matter for eight hours on Wednesday at its headquarters. However, neither actor is directly related to this case.

Sukesh would attempt to sway the Bollywood actresses, according to Special Commissioner of Police (EOW) Ravindra Yadav, since he possessed a vast array of assets that he had obtained through extortion.

Detectives from the Delhi Police have summoned Nora Fatehi, her brother-in-law Mehboob nicknamed Bobby Khan, and Pinky Irani for questioning today.

Irani is the individual who, at Chandrashekhar’s request, went to Fatehi to ask for presents. Last year, she received a call to attend an event at Chandrashekar’s wife Lena Maria’s studio in Chennai.

A BMW automobile and an entry fee were provided to Fatehi for the tournament. When questioned, Fatehi said that she directed them to send the present to her brother-in-law Mehboob alias Bobby instead of accepting it.

Mehboob, a Moroccan native, resides primarily in Mumbai and works in the film business there. He has previously directed the Sunny Leone-starring film “Leela ek Paheli.”

Pinky Irani was recognised by Mehboob during today’s interrogation.

Pinky Irani’s code name, according to sources, was “Angel.” She used the codename Angel to introduce herself to Nora. She would frequently turn her back on Chandrashekar while he sought to approach her through Irani, according to EOW officials.

“We contacted Fatehi, Irani, and Mehboob today and had a confrontation. Additionally, we independently recorded their statements, “said a policeman.

A super bike, a Ducati, valued at about Rs 8 lakh, has also been recovered by EOW from Prashant, Fernandez’s manager. Chandrashekhar gave Prashant this bike as a present.

Sources claim that Chandrashekhar had Jaqueline so persuaded and swayed that she referred to him as the “guy of her dreams” and considered getting married.

Chandershekhar and Nora have never met. According to a source, she had two Whatsapp conversations with him.

Says Ravinder Yadav “Jaqueline is in much more difficulty since despite knowing about Sukesh’s criminal past, she did not break off her relationship with him. But as soon as Nora had the inkling that something was off, she cut herself off.”

Contradictions over Nora’s brother-in-law keeping the BMW were resolved during today’s interrogation since Nora had declined to accept the present. Nora is also anticipated to testify in the Delhi police case, although the investigation is ongoing.

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