Friday, December 1, 2023

Jagrut NGO running errands to empower women

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How can we expect the world to grow if our patriarchal society’s decision-makers are all men? And they’re making decisions on behalf of women without even realizing or beginning to comprehend the difficulties that women face in their daily lives. Empowerment is a broad concept, and everyone’s definition is different. However, the general concept of empowerment is to involve those who are frequently left out of decision-making processes. In this scenario, women’s empowerment comes from their inclusion and acceptance in such roles.

“We can’t all succeed if half of us aren’t allowed to participate, can we?” believes Narendra Hirani, President of Jagrut NGO and Vice-President of the Mumbai North-Central District Congress Committee, who has been at the forefront of several charity events in India’s financial city.

Previously, men determined the position of women in society, which included running a family, being married at a young age, and dealing with issues such as dowry and accepting various sorts of abuse in married life. Unlike in ancient times, women in India are now venturing outside their houses to work and earn a living to support themselves and their families. As a result, even the rules and methods of operation in modern times must change. Of course, this transition will not occur immediately; any change is gradual.

Jagrut NGO is working tirelessly to recognize the contribution of women in the economy and to provide them with more chances. It doesn’t matter if one is in the corporate, IT, Edutech, culinary, law, banking, creative, or public sector, it is always empowering when women are given opportunities in terms of education and career in their fields of interest without any constraints or limitations. This NGO believes in empowering all girls and women to choose and decide what will improve their social position. It is long past time for gender roles to be challenged and norms to be shattered.

Talking about his opinion on Women’s Empowerment, Narendra Hirani, said “Empowerment can take many forms, for example, social empowerment occurs when women in the media are depicted as evolved and worthy individuals rather than in a regressive light. Economic empowerment occurs when women are treated as contributors in the same manner that men are and are compensated accordingly. Education is the most important type of empowerment because it actually levels the playing field and puts everyone on an equal footing. It shouldn’t matter if someone is a man or a woman when they are educated as long as they get the job done. And it is for this reason that girls should not be denied an education, which is still an unpleasant reality in many parts of India.”

Jagrut NGO strives on the ideology that educated girls will turn into self-assured, intelligent, and moral women who excel in all fields and can lead the world as department leaders and decision-makers. Education is an excellent weapon for empowering women since it will bridge all other divides in our society, allowing us to grow as a nation.

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