Jasmin Bhasin turns into a couch potato amid lockdown

18 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Recently, Jasmin Bhasin uploaded her picture on her Instagram story, she used a sticker on it saying couch potato. In this lockdown period, many of us has become a couch potato and so has she. Read...

This Coronavirus has brought all of our lives in a standstill position. There is no change in each day, every day is feeling as same. However, people are trying to utilize their time and make the most of it but staying home is not easy as it seems like. In fact, it turns out that one doesn’t have many things t do apart from simply sleeping. Some who have an interest in cooking, reading or writing are spending their time doing that and other people who haven’t figured out any ideas of what should be done in this lockdown are utilizing their time to sleep. Celebrities are also doing the same, either indulging in an activity or passing their time though sleeping. One of the very famous actresses of Naagin 4 Jasmin Bhasin is also doing the same.

As all the celebrities are updating their fans about their day to day life, she is also updating her fans about her day to day life, and she has also agreed to the part that she is a couch potato. Since the lockdown began she started sharing her throwback pictures or some pictures of household delicacies. She has just turned quite in a couch potato just like some of us.

In the initial lockdown days, everybody was very energetic and were trying different ways to pass their time, since the time this lockdown has extended everybody is simply using their time to chill and rest. Meanwhile, we are not the only ones who are missing to go out for a vacation. Jasmin is also eagerly waiting and missing traveling. The pictures posted by the diva on her Instagram account are proof of it.

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