Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala’s Stayclassy is the emerging platform to buy trendy products online

4 January, 2021 | newsx bureau

With a team of 40 members, Stayclassy is acing its game as one of the best platforms to sell trendy products at a very reasonable rate. Founded by Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala, Stayclassy foc...

The internet has given all of us the liberty to browse millions of products from the comfort of relaxing at home. E-commerce in the last few years have disrupted the traditional shopping method as many people are inclined towards making online purchases. Stayclassy is one such platform which offers the best trendy products online to its customers. Founded by Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala, the online shopping portal has become an immense success. While Jaydip is an IT engineer, Nihal is an electrical engineer. Their mutual interest to venture into the e-commerce business has turned out to be the best decision of their life.
Before the incorporation of the website, the two entrepreneurs worked in diverse fields. Jaydip worked as a website developer and Nihal worked at Bharti Airtel as RF engineer. The decision to start the website happened in May 2017 when they chose to sell mobile cases as a niche product. In the initial days of launching the website, the duo started their own salaries as the portal did not make drastic profits. Their e-commerce website was backed by the funding done by family and friends. When asked about the toughest challenge Stayclassy faced, Nihal said, “At the onset, our website incurred losses due to the cash on delivery option. Not everyone made their purchases after placing the order and that resulted in expenses like courier and shipping charges.”
However, soon the shopping portal accepted prepaid orders. Focusing more on quality at a pocket-friendly price, Stayclassy started getting 18000-20000 prepaid monthly orders. Besides mobile cases, the products expanded including T-Shirts, mugs, watches and several other customized products. Gradually with time, the sales of these products picked up month after month and Stayclassy became one of the top mobile cases providers for the customers. Interestingly, the sales of their products doubled in 2020 with around 50000+prepaid monthly orders.
Till date, more than 550 thousand orders have been placed successfully and it is still going strong. Its offices are majorly set up in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad and Surat. The main head office is in Ahmedabad where Nihal overlooks after production, packaging, shipping, customer support and product analysis. The office in Surat is managed by Jaydip who holds expertise in web development, website backend support and digital marketing. With a team of 40 members, Stayclassy is acing its game as one of the best platforms to sell trendy products at a very reasonable rate.