Thursday, November 30, 2023

“Judges Play Vital Role in Social Evolution”, Says CJI Chandrachud

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The Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud emphasized the essential role of judges in stabilizing society’s rapid evolution due to technological advancements, even though they are not elected. CJI Chandrachud made these remarks during the 3rd Comparative Constitutional Law Discussion titled ‘Perspectives from the Supreme Court of India and the United States,’ hosted by Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

He highlighted the enduring importance of constitutional values for nations and underlined that democracy and the rule of law continue to thrive. CJI Chandrachud stressed that judges play a crucial role in ensuring stability in evolving societies.

He explained that judges represent a voice that transcends the passage of time and are instrumental in upholding the stability of diverse civilizations and cultures, particularly in pluralistic societies like India.

CJI Chandrachud acknowledged that courts have become the focal point for civil society engagement and social transformation, with people seeking not only outcomes but also a voice in constitutional change. He emphasized the responsibility of judges to address historical discrimination and use the Constitution as a peaceful instrument for social transformation.

He pointed out the significance of the rule of law in maintaining social stability and how judges, by using the constitution and their platforms for dialogue, reason, and deliberation, contribute to fostering a new consensus that holds hope for better futures in society.

CJI Chandrachud also stressed the need to interpret the Indian Constitution as a living and evolving document that promotes fraternity, equality, brotherhood, and the unique unity of Indian civilization.

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