Kamran Razmdjoo’s journey shows how following one’s passion is always a good idea

28 October, 2021 | Mayukh Debnath

Kamran Razmdjoo, a top-notch celebrity stylist and fashion influencer, also had an innate good choice of colours and a desire to look stylish. He realised his fondness towards fashion and grooming ...


We, humans, inherit a few qualities from our parents such as intrepidity, temperament, taste towards something, likes and dislikes. If not, they are naturally inculcated in us and gradually grow or improve with time. Inbuilt qualities of ours can be transpired into thriving professional skills if they are leveraged accordingly. Creativity and taste are a few traits that constitute our uniqueness and are present in us naturally. If not, they can be worked upon but would not be as supreme as naturally present in us. People who have a natural knack for something are found to be doing better in life and succeed in comparatively less time. That is the reason why achievers always advise you to follow your heart and make your passion your profession.

Kamran Razmdjoo, a top-notch celebrity stylist and fashion influencer, also had an innate good choice of colours and a desire to look stylish. He realised his fondness towards fashion and grooming at an early stage of his life. So, he continued the next few years of his life excelling in the fashion sense. Kamran Razmdjoo has now become a superlative name in the fashion industry and his followers actively follow him for dressing ideas.

Early life

Kamran Razmdjoo, born on 10 April 1991 in Los Angeles, was born and brought up in a  family of 4 members that included himself, his brother Nader Razmdjoo, parents Farshad Razmdjoo and Desiree Hamzeh. He would always be excited to visit the malls or clothing stores to have a look at the latest stylish apparel. Also, he would go to Rodeo drive to have new dressing ideas. His interest in fashion intensified exponentially and he wanted to learn new happenings of the fashion world. So, he used to keep a close vigilance on the style statement of Hailey Baldwin, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.

Backstory of Kamran Razmdjoo success

There are so many people like Kamran Razmdjoo who strive to look charming in everyday life. They keep searching for dressing inspiration online extensively. He grabbed this opportunity of catering for the needs of fashionistas. He would try event-specific attire, curate the best according to the fashion trends, and post the pictures on Instagram as much and as often as possible. Fashion curious people soon started to discover his pictures and outfits trendy. Kamran Razmdjoo significantly started receiving new followers every day. With the surging number of followers, he started to get a lot of messages for styling requirements. Kamran Razmdjoo was blessed with an uncommon sense of creativity and originality. His love and honesty in work brought him the most sought recognition. 

Formation of Kamran Razmdjoo’s style centred Institute

Kamran Razmdjoo decided to infuse his fashion sense excellency into an institution that would not only help celebrities look presentable but also the common people. With this objective in mind, Kamran Razmdjoo e co-founded KMSTYL, a dedicated stylist institution, with his partner Maxim Babooie.


Kamran Razmdjoo, as a fashion stylist, always wanted to work with celebrated personalities of miscellaneous industries. He somewhere in the heart knew that working with prominent personalities would only broaden his career prospects. In the initial days, he would approach popular persons on Instagram and ask them if they would like to get styled by him. A message from Kamran would definitely bring the receiver to his Instagram feed. The pictures already shared on his feed would perform as Kamran Razmdjoo’s portfolio. Impressed by his dressing sense, the people would happily accept his proposal. Kamran Razmdjoo got a chance to style and work with well-known personalities of various industries. To name a few, he has styled Barbie Blank, Harsh Kapoor, Kelly Kelly Marina Laswick, Travis Mills, Stanley Johnson, Matt Bomer,  and Travis Mills.

Kamran Razmdjoos endeavours as a real estate entrepreneur

Kamran Razmdjoo has launched an app called ‘Mynxthome’ which is a property aggregator. The app helps people find and buy properties that are on sale. The idea of developing such an app clicked in his mind during his recursive travelling with celebrities. During his travels, he experienced the struggle involved in booking luxurious properties for celebrities. So, I came up with an idea to launch an app that would list properties that are available for rent or sale. 

On the pretext of increasing competition in the fashion industry, Kamran Razmdjoo says, ‘I am aware of the competition prevailing in the fashion industry, but putting efforts on quality work instead of worrying has always been my attitude.’