Kangana Ranaut calls Anurag Kashyap ‘mini Mahesh Bhatt’

21 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

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The ongoing twitter battle starring Kangana Ranaut, Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu has a new addition- Anurag Kashyap. Anurag Kashyap has called out Kangana on her allegations against the fellow a...

Kangana Ranaut is back at releasing controversial jibes against the Bollywood industry. She has now called out director Anurag Kashyap amid the ongoing social media war of words. After addressing her fellow actors Richa Chadha, Taapsee Pannu, Swara Bhaskar as ‘Chaploos Outsiders’ publicly in an interview with a news portal, Kangana Ranaut is now blazing guns at Anurag Kashyap.

After her disparaging remarks towards her contemporaries, Anurag Kashyap tweeted that enough is enough and Kangana Ranaut should stop making a fuss about every issue. He furthers added that she can openly abuse him too if she feels like. Soon after, the actress’ team hit back calling Anurag Kashyap a mini-Mahesh Bhatt and alleged that he is protecting people that support the ‘movie mafia’ of Bollywood.

Kangana alleged that she is the sole person raising out her voice against the apparent ‘psychological and emotional bullying’ of the late actor. She talked about their hypocritical behaviour, while calling themselves anti-establishment they support all the enablers.

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Anurag then furthered the argument through a series of tweets and gave her a befitting reply. He claimed that she has gotten the success she has received over her head and he will not tolerate this disrespect.

He also talked about her double standards as she does the same things now, which made her suffer earlier as an outsider. She takes credit of someone else’s work and removes the roles of their co-stars entirely from the final cut, he claimed.

He says that many directors refuse to work with the ‘new’ her, as she is constantly suppressing people’s voices by highlighting her narrative. He concluded by saying she has changed so much after 2015 and shared an interview of her in 2019 around the release of her direction ‘Manikarnika’.

In the video, Kangana can be seen boasting about her direction and calling out the Co-director of the film. She also asks people to stop being jealous of her work and appreciate her labour as she ‘has not gotten any help from her father’.

Kangana Ranaut has been calling out Richa Chaddha, Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar recently, naming them B-grade actresses and calling them out on their silence on the nepotism issue in Bollywood.

She also claims that she has successfully brought Parallel Cinema and Feminism in Bollywood by doing such films at a time where mainstream masala films were the talk of the town.

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