Eyewitness Narrates Horrific Tale of Kanjhawala as Body was Dragged for 1.5Hrs

2 January, 2023 | Pranay Lad

Kanjhawala National

A 20-year-old girl was murdered in the Kanjhawala incident in Delhi on Sunday after her scooter was reportedly hit by a car and dragged for a few kilometres.

An eyewitness described the harrowing ordeal that resulted in the death of a 20-year-old girl in the Kanjhawala incident in Delhi on Sunday after her scooter was reportedly struck by a car and dragged for a few kilometres.

In the hamlet of Ladpur, Deepak Dahiya owns a candy store on Kanjhawala Road. He said that the accused continued to pull the girl’s body, which became twisted in their car, for 18 to 20 kilometres and for almost one and a half hours. “The time was 3:20 a.m. When I heard a loud bang coming from a car approximately 100 metres distant, I was standing outside the store. I initially believed it to be a tyre burst. The moment the automobile began to move, I noticed a body being dragged. I called the police right away, “Dahiya said to the press.

“I repeatedly attempted to stop them, but they kept driving. They dragged the girl’s body for around 20 km, taking about an hour and a half, he added.

According to Dahiya, he also pursued the automobile on his bike while speaking to the police.

According to him, the accused allegedly left when the corpse was discovered around an hour and a half later near the village of Jyoti on the Kanjhawala Road.

Dahiya insisted that “it could not be simply an accident.”

The girl fell off the scooter at the moment of the event, according to Harendra Kumar Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Outer Delhi, who was speaking to the media. She was then dragged under the automobile for a considerable distance. Using the registration automobile number as a foundation, police captured the accused.

“The accused claimed to authorities that they were unable to learn anything since the car’s windows were shut and the music was being played loudly.

When they learned, they left the area “said DCP.

The police said on Sunday that a 20-year-old woman was died after being struck by a car and then dragged along the road for a few kilometres while becoming caught in the wheels.

The girl was in such horrible shape following the event, according to the authorities, that while she was being carried along, her clothing and even the rear of her body were torn off.

Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), also took notice of the situation and informed the Delhi police.

“A girl’s naked body was discovered in Kanjhawala, Delhi, and it is believed that some lads smashed her scooter with a car while drunk and dragged her for a distance of many kilometres. Given how serious this situation is, I’m sending Delhi Police an appearance summons. The full truth should be revealed “In a tweet, she stated.

“A very disturbing incident has come out. A girl was hit by a car and then dragged on the road. The car was driven by five people who were badly drunk. I have summoned Delhi Police to ask how will justice be provided to the girl. Secondly, I want to ask, despite the girl being dragged for kilometres, no check post was able to catch anything. No one stopped those drunk people. This is a very scary and shocking incident,” she said.

A PCR call was received at Kanjhwala police station on early Sunday morning that a car was noticed with a body being dragged along with it. Another PCR call was received at 4:11 am, about the body of the girl lying on the road.

After that, the police alerted the officers deployed at pickets, and a search operation for the vehicle was launched.

The body of the girl was sent to the SGM hospital, Mangolpuri, where she was declared brought dead. The body was kept further at the mortuary of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the suspected car was also traced down and the five occupants were apprehended from their houses.