Kanye West to hold first presidential campaign rally on Sunday

19 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

Kanye West World

American rapper Kanye West has announced the commencement of his 2020 Presidential Campaign; attendees instructed to employ proper Covid-19 measures and sign liability form on first rally in South ...

US rapper and media personality Kanye West has scheduled his first presidential campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday, media reported.

Citing documents obtained from the campaign, Politico reported that the rapper will hold the first rally in his belated presidential bid in the city of North Charleston. Attendees will be required to wear masks, maintain social distancing and sign a COVID-19 liability release form, the publication reported.
Earlier in the week, West submitted paperwork to register as an independent candidate in Oklahoma, where the deadline had not yet passed. He tweeted on Saturday asking his supporters to submit signatures to put him on the ballot in South Carolina.

No stranger to controversy, West had previously aligned himself with incumbent President Donald Trump, a minority sentiment among African Americans. West later distanced himself from Trump and announced his intention to run for the Oval Office on July 4.

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West’s bid poses a danger to Democratic challenger Joe Biden, whose support among black voters is seen as a strength.

Independent candidates have never won the presidency in US modern history. Independent candidates, however, have often proved to be spoilers, garnering crucial votes to tip elections one way or another.

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