Monday, December 11, 2023

Rapper Kanye West Got His Twitter Account Back, Makes a Sly Comeback

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It looks like the most aired rapper of all time Kanye West is in the headlines again. It was not until some time ago that Kanye was in trouble for his social media posts both on Instagram and Twitter.

Kanye West has been in the news ever since his career took off and has been earning millions with his footwear brand, music, and more. He does fashion shows and modelling for well-known designers as well. His relationship with Kim Kardashian was widely broadcasted and all over the media. She even made remarks on what Kin wants and expected in a relationship and how she did not have it with ye. This was one of the many reasons why she filed for a divorce with west shortly after they got married. They also have 3 kids together and according to Kim’s social media, she is happy for him.

In 2020 Kim announced that he would run for presidential elections and even gave a speech about it. He shortly landed into trouble with Twitter and Instagram when he got banned and restricted from the two major social media platforms over his content.

Kanye was restricted from Instagram because of some of the posts that he posted on his account. Nevertheless, Instagram never mentioned what posts were those that got removed when his account was restricted. They told the press that the company holds the right to restrict anyone’s account and remove the posts that violate their guidelines. It was not until his account was restricted that Kanye informed that the posts that were deleted were anti-Semitic. It was after he made a post about a conversation with Diddy that he mentioned that he feared Diddy was being manipulated by Jews and that no one can influence or threaten him.

Not long after his Instagram was restricted Kanye made a tweet on his Twitter saying that he would rain “Death Con 3 on Jewish People”.  After this tweet, the Elon owned social media website not exactly banned his account but restricted it. Meaning his pre-tweeted posts would still be available and the account would still be visible to the people but the owner would not be able to text, tweet, comment, like, or re-tweet anything.

It is yet uncertain if it was Elon Musk who ordered to unfreeze of the Rapper’s account because according to him he wasn’t asked or informed about the reinstating in any way whatsoever.

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