Monday, December 11, 2023

Karnataka: BJP leader appeals for the ban of “Halal Meat”

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Karnataka counts for another controversy, BJP national general secretary C.T. Ravi asks for the ban of halal meat saying the food endorses “economic jihad” on Tuesday.

The statement is passed right before the observation of Ugadi festival where many Hindus eat meat. The festival of new lunar year is celebrated in the Mysuru, Ramanagara and Mandya districts.

With this now many Hindu organizations are claiming to boycott halal meats. In the times of Karnataka burqa row controversy and Karnataka muslim vendors objected on setting up shops near temple, this halal meat ban is expected to create a huge fuss in the state.

CT Ravi argues that when Muslims refuse to buy meat from Hindu butchers saying that it isn’t halal meat then what’s wrong in Hindus refusing to buy halal meat.

However, Mohammad Maqsood Imran, maulvi, Jamia Masjid said “This controversy is being raised to destroy the peace between communities.”

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