A day before the crucial floor test of the Yeddyurappa government in the Karnataka to remain in the power, BJP leader Preetham Gowda said that he is in touch with JDS MLAs. “I am in touch with the JDS MLAs so that they support BS Yeddyurappa ji tomorrow. Nobody can even dare to ask me to help them and nobody has dared to ask me as yet. Party is like my mother.” Yeddyurappa if has to continue as Chief Minister of Karnataka in future, will have to prove that his government has the majority. BJP formed the government after Governor’s invitation with 104 MLAs while to prove the majority, it needs the support of 112 MLAs (in a de facto House of 222 MLAs).

It’s very crucial for the BJP to pass the floor test tomorrow if it has to remain in power, but it fails, then Governor will invite Congress-JDS alliance government under the leadership of HD Kumaraswamy. Both the parties, on one side the BJP and on the other Congress-JDS alliance, are confident of their win in the House tomorrow. Earlier speaking to media, CM Yeddyurappa said that, of course, Congress-JDS MLAs are with them otherwise how will he pass the floor test. 

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Meanwhile, Congress on Friday alleged that mining baron Janardhana Reddy approached their MLAs and tried to offer them the bribe, involving in horse-trading, to support Yeddyurappa tomorrow. The party also released an audio tape alleging Reddy was trying to lure its MLAs. Talking about Congress’ charge, the party on its Karnataka Twitter handle said, “Congress released an Audio clip where BJP leader Janaradhana Reddy is trying to lure Congress MLA from Raichur Rural by offering money and posts. Janaradhana Reddy clearly says he has the backing of BJP President Amit Shah for doing horse trading!”

Countering Congress’ charge, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that it was Congress party’s dirty tricks. “This audio CD is one of the handiworks of Congress’ dirty tricks department. This is a fake CD,” Javadekar said. 

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