The results of bitterly fought Karnataka Assembly elections have taken a dramatic turn as the early signs of a BJP government with a majority has now been shattered. The Congress and the Janata Dal-Secular JD(S) have announced to forge an alliance against the saffron party and are front-runners to form the government. However, things are yet to gain clarity with the results dropping in every passing hour. While outgoing Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has managed to claim one out of the two contested seats, BJP’s Prime Minister candidate BS Yeddyurappa won his Shikaripura seat for the 7th straight time.

While Karnataka is heading towards a hung assembly with the ball in Governor Vajubhai Bala’s court now, the stunning comeback by Congress would have been a distant dream, had it not been a quickly forged partnership with the JD(S). Deve Gowda’s party which was touted as the kingmaker in the state has accepted Congress’ offer and decided to announce HD Kumaraswamy as the CM candidate in the coalition government. Having been written off early this was a super move by Congress which has all of a sudden put them in contention to retain the state. While many might stake the claim of playing a role in the coalition, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s hand in the turnaround cannot be denied. With early results predicting a Congress wipeout, Banerjee had tweeted out asserting things would have been different had Congress struck an alliance with the JD(S).

“Congratulations to the winners of the Karnataka elections. For those who lost, fight back. If Congress had gone into an alliance with the JD(S), the result would have been different. Very different,” she tweeted.

Soon to her delight, her suggestion was adhered to and the Congress learning from its mistake in Goa and Manipur decided to counter the single largest party in Karnataka with a coalition call. However, the two parties didn’t have a pre-poll alliance which makes things difficult for them as the last call lies in the Governor’s hands. Now as per the rules, the Governor will give a chance to the leader of the single largest party to prove majority in a hung assembly. While there still remains a slight chance of a BJP government, Congress and JD(S) combination has decimated BJP’s desire of complete majority.

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