Anna Bhagya Scheme: Karnataka government to give cash instead of rice

29 June, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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Talking about Anna Bhagya Scheme, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah said that as soon as state procures rice, it will be distributed to BPL and Antyodaya cardholders

Due to difficulties obtaining significant quantities of rice, the Karnataka government has chosen to offer beneficiaries cash at a rate of Rs 34 per kilogramme rather than the additional 5 kg of rice that was promised under the “Anna Bhagya” programme.

Prior to the assembly elections, Congress pledged in its election platform to distribute 10 kg of rice per person through the Public Distribution System under the Anna Bhagya programme. Up until the state government is able to purchase food, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated, a sum of Rs. 170 rather than 5 kg of rice (Rs. 34 per kg) would be paid to the accounts of the recipients through DBT.

He was addressing the press at today’s Vidhana Soudha. “As soon as the state is able to procure the rice, rice will be distributed to BPL and Anthyodaya cardholders instead of money. He said that this decision was taken in the cabinet with the intention of not going back from the guarantee given by our government to the people of the state,” CM Siddaramaiah said talking about Anna Bhagya Scheme.

BJP should have talked to the centre about giving rice to poor: CM Siddaramaiah on Anna Bhagya decision

“The BJP in the state should have talked to the centre about giving rice to the poor. I met Union Home Minister Amit Shah and State Food Ministers and requested them to supply rice. NCCF, NAFED, and Kendriya Bhandara, these three organizations have increased the price prescribed for the supply of rice. NCCF suggested 32.94 and we asked for Rs 32.24. Tenders are being called transparently to buy rice in the open market” CM Siddaramaiah further went on to say.

The state requires 2,29,000 metric tonnes of rice per month to satisfy the necessary demand, but Siddaramaiah has pledged that grains will be given to the recipients starting on July 1.

The Food Corporation of India (FCI), which had earlier agreed to provide the necessary amount of rice, then changed its mind, claiming the necessity to have enough inventories for market intervention.