Karnataka issues notice to 18 hospitals on denying to admit a patient, who later died

2 July, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Karnataka National

Karnataka government has issued a notice to 18 hospitals for denying admission to a 52-year old patient who later died. These 18 private hospitals include big names like Fortis, Bowring, and, Manipal.

Karnataka government has issued a show-cause notice to 18 private hospitals for refusing to admit a 52-year-old patient with influenza-like illness (ILI) symptoms, who later died. The patient died of influenza-like illness symptoms. After the death of Bhawarlal Sujani, the notice that has been issued demands the hospitals that refused to admit him to get back within 24 hours with an explanation as to why an action should not be taken against them. These 18 private hospitals include big names like Fortis, Bowring, and, Manipal.

According to the notice dated on June 30, a 52-years patient named Bhawarlal Sujani died after he was denied admission by 18 private hospitals. The patient was taken to these hospitals on Saturday and Sunday for admission on observing some ILI like symptoms. But none of these hospitals admitted in on the pretext of unavailability of bed/ventilators, read the notice.

This is a clear violation of providing medical assistance and admission necessitated under the agreed provision of KPME Registration. They should strictly adhere to the provisions under Sections 11 & 11 A of KPME Act 2017. Private Medical Establishments cannot deny/ refuse/ avoid treatment to patients with Covid-19 and Covid-19 like symptoms, the state Health Department said.

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By denying the admission to the deceased patient, your hospitals have violated the provisions of the above-said act. You are liable for legal action in this regard, as per the notice. The state Health department asked the hospitals to reply as to why action should not be initiated under the relevant Acts.

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