Rajpath was symbol of slavery, ‘Kartavya Path’ will consign ‘Kingsway’ to history: PM Modi

9 September, 2022 | Pranay Lad

Kartavya Path Headlines

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday at the inauguration of the “Kartavya Path” at India Gate in the nation’s capital that a new age has begun and that the Kartavya Path ...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday at the inauguration of the “Kartavya Path” at India Gate in the nation’s capital that a new age has begun and that the Kartavya Path will consign the “Kingsway,” a reminder of colonialism, to the past.

“A new era has begun in the form of Kartvya Path,” Prime Minister Modi said at the opening of the “Kartavya Path.” “Kingsway,” a symbol of colonialism, “will be history and has been erased forever,” he added. “I congratulate all the people of the country as we come out from another symbol of colonialism.”

He claimed that the nation had received fresh inspiration and vigour during the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. “By putting the past in the past and adding fresh colours to the image of the future, we are filling it now. This modern air, which is the aura of New India’s confidence, is pervasive today,” he said.

The Rajpath, according to the prime minister, was built for the British Raj, whose subjects were the people of India. According to him, Rajpath and the way it was built were both symbols of servitude. Today, both its architecture and its ethos have transformed, the PM said.

A sizable statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose has reportedly been erected next to India Gate, according to PM Modi. He said that a statue honouring the British Raj was there during the time of slavery.

He stated: “The Kartavya Path is more than just a brick and stone route. It is a tangible representation of India’s historical and enduring democratic principles. When the citizens of the nation visit, the statue of Netaji and the National War Memorial will inspire them greatly and instil a feeling of responsibility in them.”

By placing the monument of Netaji in the same location, the nation has “also built the life of a contemporary, powerful India,” he claimed.

According to the prime minister, the nation has updated hundreds of legislation that date back to the British era. The Indian budget’s time and date, which for many years followed the British Parliament’s schedule, have also been adjusted. He said that thanks to the National Education Policy, the country’s youth are now freed from the burden of learning a foreign language.

The “Kartavya Path” near India Gate was officially opened by PM Modi on Thursday as a part of the Central Vista renovation project.

Before the inauguration, PM Modi spoke with the employees who were participating in the reconstruction project and informed them that he would be inviting all of them to participate in the Republic Day parade on January 26.

He also saw an exhibition on Central Vista Avenue, which had been renovated. A colossal statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was also unveiled by Prime Minister Modi today next to India Gate. The 28-foot-tall jet-black granite statue will be positioned next to India Gate under the Canopy. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) claims that the change symbolises a transition from the former Rajpath serving as a symbol of authority to the “Kartavya Path” serving as an illustration of public ownership and empowerment.

According to a PMO statement, these actions “are in keeping with Prime Minister’s second Panch Pran for New India in Amrit Kaal: eradicate all remnant of the colonial mindset.”

Rajpath and the surrounding districts of Central Vista Avenue have seen pressure from escalating tourist traffic over time, placing stress on its infrastructure. The PMO said that it lacked necessities including street furniture, public restrooms, potable water, and enough parking. Additionally, there was shoddy parking, bad signage, and poorly maintained water features.

“The redevelopment has been done bearing these concerns in mind while also ensuring the integrity and continuity of architectural character,” it said. “Also, a need was felt to organise the Republic Day parade and other National events in a less disruptive manner with minimal restrictions on public movement.”

Kartavya Path will have landscapes that have been upgraded, lawns with pathways, more green space, renovated canals, new amenity blocks, better signage, and vending machines. Other enhancements that will improve the public experience include new pedestrian underpasses, better parking spaces, new exhibition panels, and updated night lighting.

It also has a variety of sustainability elements, such as water conservation, energy-efficient lighting systems, recycling used water, rainwater harvesting, solid waste management, and stormwater management.

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