Kejriwal government’s electricity model replicated by BJP government of Uttarakhand

9 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

Arvind Kejriwal National

The Kejriwal government is providing electricity up to 200 units free of cost to people. The model is now being replicated by Uttarakhand as well.

The electricity model of the Kejriwal government of Delhi is being followed in the country and the world. Now, the Uttarakhand government has copied the Kejriwal government electricity model as well. Soon, people will be given free electricity in Uttarakhand on the similar lines as in Delhi.

Kejriwal government is giving free electricity up to 200 units to consumers

In Delhi, electricity is being given free of cost to people up to 200 units by the Kejriwal government. Apart from this, only 50% electricity bill has to be paid for consuming 200 to 400 units of electricity. With this decision of the Kejriwal government, a large section of Delhi has got rid of their electricity bill.

Uttarakhand government will also implement the model of Kejriwal government

Now the Uttarakhand government will also implement the electricity model of the Kejriwal government. The Uttarakhand government has decided to provide electricity free on the lines of the Delhi government, but consumers will be given electricity free up to only 100 units. As well as people whose electric consumption is up to 200 units, will get 50% discount on their electricity bill.

Proposal given by the Energy Minister of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand’s Energy Minister Harak Singh Rawat has proposed to provide electricity free of cost. Harak Singh Rawat has said that, up to 200 units of electricity are given free to the consumers in Delhi, whereas in Uttarakhand the consumption of about half the consumers is 100 units per month. In such a situation, a proposal has been made to give 100 units electricity free of cost in Uttarakhand.