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Kerala Woman In Israel Recounts Horror, Says “Heard terrorists shooting, breaking glasses”

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An Indian caregiver from Kerala, Sabitha, currently employed in Israel, shared a harrowing tale of bravery and resilience amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The Israeli embassy in India highlighted her heroic efforts in a video, showcasing her unwavering courage. According to the embassy’s post on X, Sabitha, alongside her colleague Meera Mohanan, successfully thwarted a potential attack by Hamas terrorists, safeguarding the lives of the Israeli civilians they were caring for.

“Indian superwomen! Listen to this story of Ms Sabitha, a caregiver from Kerala,” the post stated. “She shares how she and Meera Mohanan saved the Israeli civilians they were taking care of by holding the door handle & preventing the Hamas Terrorists from bursting in & killing them.”

In the video, Sabitha recounted the frightening events, narrating, “I have been working along the border for three years. We are two caregivers working at home here, taking care of an old lady with the ALS disease…It was my night duty and I was about to leave when around 6:30 we heard the sirens and ran to a safety room. It was non-stop.”

The situation escalated rapidly, as Sabitha described, “Suddenly, the old woman’s daughter told us things were getting out of hand. We didn’t know what to do…she asked to lock the front and back doors. Within a few minutes, we heard the terrorists breaking into our house, shooting, breaking glasses. We were there for half an hour holding onto the door. The terrorists were in the house from almost 7:30…they were trying to open the door from outside but we tried our best to hold on to the door. They hit the door and shot at it.”

Despite the perilous circumstances, Sabitha and her colleague persevered, demonstrating exceptional bravery throughout the ordeal. “Schmulik – the father of the house – told us that Israel’s army had come to save us. He went out of the house to see how everything was completely destroyed. My emergency bag was taken…We never expected a terrorist attack but we knew missiles would be falling and when it happened, we used to go into the safety rooms. But on that day, there was no time for us to do anything,” she added.

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continued into its 12th day, the toll of the war became increasingly devastating. The conflict had already claimed over 4,000 lives since it erupted on October 7. The escalating violence prompted a mass displacement of people, with many seeking refuge in hospitals for safety.

Amid the chaos, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) urged residents of Gaza City to evacuate south for their protection. The IDF assured the Palestinians that international humanitarian aid would be provided in the Al-Mawasi region as required.

Earlier, a tragic incident occurred at a hospital in Gaza, resulting in the loss of nearly 200 lives, as reported by Israeli media. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attributed the explosion to a misfired rocket from the Islamic Jihad in Gaza. “An analysis of IDF operational systems indicates that a barrage of rockets was fired by terrorists in Gaza, passing in close proximity to the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza at the time it was hit,” he stated.

Netanyahu emphasized, “The entire world should know: It was barbaric terrorists in Gaza that attacked the hospital in Gaza, and not the IDF. Those who brutally murdered our children also murder their own children.”

The situation remains volatile, with efforts underway to alleviate the suffering and restore peace in the region.

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