Saturday, December 2, 2023

Governor Arif: Kerala Is Replacing Punjab as Drug Capital

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Governor Arif Mohammed Khan chastised the Pinarayi Vijayan-led Kerala government for its liquor policy on Saturday, he even went on to claim that the state is slowly replacing Punjab as the drug capital.

While everyone was waging campaigns against alcohol use, Kerala’s state government, according to Governor Khan, was promoting it. “Here, we have determined that gambling and drinking will suffice for our growth. What a disgrace for a state with a literacy rate of 100%. I feel guilty for becoming the state’s leader. What exactly is a lottery? You’re stealing from them. You are causing alcohol addiction in your people. Do you know what the position is right now? Punjab is no longer the centre of the drug trade; Kerala is. Everyone does programmes to discourage drinking, yet in this place, drinking is promoted. What a loss!” At a book launch, Khan stated.

While addressing the book launch of CH Muhammed Koya: Ariyatha Kathakal, written by Advocate VK Beeran about Kerala’s former Chief Minister CH Muhammed Koya, he made a remark on the current Kerala government.

Governor Arif Khan also brought up the matter of the vice-chancellors being appointed to the different institutions in Kerala, claiming that the Supreme Court had already made it plain that the governor was in charge of making these appointments.

“According to the Supreme Court, the Chancellor’s sole duty is to appoint the Vice Chancellor. There is no involvement of the state government, “he said.

Khan mentioned the most recent incident of human sacrifice in the state, saying, “In Kerala, there are ongoing human sacrifices. How are these criminals to be mixed in with Kerala’s regular citizens?”

Governor Khan also slammed the ministers who questioned his authority, “A Keralan minister queries the Uttar Pradesh governor’s comprehension of Kerala’s educational system. Please don’t go too far. The SC made it clear yesterday. You would get into difficulties if you claim that this judge is from Maharashtra “Khan reacted by calling it foolish.

The governor of Kerala, who is at odds with the state administration over a number of issues, questioned unemployment in the state.
“There is a minister there who speaks Pakistani. It’s up to them whether they keep on with them,” he said.

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