Wednesday, December 6, 2023

K’nataka CM to visit Delhi amid possibility of cabinet expansion

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His comments were made at the state’s ongoing Jan Sankalp yatra. Speaking to the media on Saturday at Sambra Airport, he promised that everyone will be notified as soon as the high command approved the extension of the cabinet.

When questioned about Shiv Sena’s opposition to Kannada Bhavan’s building at Kaneri Mutt in Kolhapur, Bommai responded, “In temples and Yatri Nivas, there are already Kannada Bhavans of various associations and organisations. State or linguistic boundaries must not arise in these matters.”

He also emphasised the contributions made in several disciplines by Prabhakar Kore, the founder of the KLE Society.

“It was wonderful to commemorate the 75th birthday of Prabhakar Kore, the founder of the KLE Society, who is well-known in North Karnataka for his 40 years of significant contributions to agriculture, health, and education. He continued, “Kore has the ability to work tirelessly and is always amiable.

Earlier on October 15, CM Bommai questioned the purpose of the Bharat Jodo Yatra given that a unified India is already forging forward.
“The Congress Party’s Bharat Jodo is meaningless at a time when India is strengthening as a nation.

The three-day Jan Sankalp yatra, according to CM Bommai, elicited a positive reaction in four districts and improved worker morale. People’s faith in the BJP has grown as a result of this. By filling 150 seats in 2023, there is little doubt that the Jan Sankalp Yatra would transform into the Vijay Sankalp Yatra.

On October 11, the Karnataka government launched the Jan Sankalp Yatra under the direction of the late Chief Minister Yediyurappa.

The Bharat Jodo Yatra of the Congress Party is the target of the Yatra.
There will also be various rallies and party meetings during the Jan Sankalp Yatra.

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