Krack poster: Shruti Haasan, Ravi Teja motivate fans to stay indoors

2 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

Krack poster Entertainment

Krack poster: Ravi Teja and Shruti Haasan are coming with Krack, the makers have released a poster from the film. The picture clearly talks about family time and the happiness that comes from family.

Krack poster: Shruti Haasan is back with Telugu venture co-starring Ravi Teja. The couple is realizing Krack soon, the film post-production has been stopped to the coronavirus outbreak. But the makers have released a poster that influences people to stay home and give them a reason to stay at home. Simply and very beautifully the makers have shown how important it is to stay home and how it can bring you happiness. In the poster, Ravi Teja is holding Shruti Haasan in her arms and his son in between them.

The picture clearly talks about family time and the happiness that comes from family. Amid coronavirus lockdown, people have nothing to do and they felt anxious as they are not allowed to go out. But this time it is very important to stay home. On 24 January Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a countrywide lockdown after who Indian citizens are not allowed to get until and unless they have something essential to do. To inspire people,  the makers to reveal such posters and encourage people to spent time with the family.

Many people are getting bored and frustrated because of the routine but if you will spend some quality time with family then it will surely leave you to laugh. In a recent interview, Shruti Hassan has said that she is a Tamil born person but her beginning into the films has been started via Telugu films. She also receives appreciation from the Telugu industry. She thanked the audience for content love even during her absence. The film Krack is based on the real incidents happened in the state and so many things that people are not aware of.