Kumkum Bhagya preview March 3, 2020: Ranbir expresses his feelings to Prachi

3 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

Kumkum Bhagya preview March 3, 2020 Entertainment

Kumkum Bhagya preview March 3, 2020: Ranbir comes close to Prachi and expresses his feelings to her. What did he say? Find out here:

Kumkum Bhagya preview March 3, 2020: In the recent episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw how Ranbir and Prachi try to extract the truth from Maya but fail again in doing so. Other than this, the duo gets trapped inside the library and Prachi gets scared of the thought that she has to spend the whole night inside the library premises, that too, along with Ranbir.
Further, they both get into a funny argument and Ranbir sarcastically tells Prachi that the situation might make her fall in love with him. Prachi asks Ranbir not to marry Maya because she does not want to see him with that girl. She tells Ranbir so and moves away and continue knocking the library door till the peon opens it.
In the episode, we also saw Rhea and Maya indulging into a cruel argument over marrying Ranbir. Maya threatens to expose Rhea if she tries to stop her wedding with Ranbir. Unfortunately, Rhea is trapped in her own plan and is unable to do anything to separate Ranbir from both Prachi and Maya.
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On the other hand, Ranbir’s mother who thinks that her son is in love with Rhea asks him to propose the girl he loves as she is unaware of the fact that he loves Prachi instead. Ranbir suddenly receives a text from Prachi reading that she will be coming to his house the next morning. The latter gets excited about the same.

Kumkum Bhagya preview March 3, 2020:

In the recent preview of the show, Ranbir is seen telling Prachi about his feelings. He tells Prachi that he is able to handle even the biggest problem only when she is with him. He also asks her to stay by his side forever and support him. But when will the two express their love in front of each other?