Kunal Mahato aka DJ Kunal making a staunch mark in the Kolkata DJ circle

20 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

Kunal Mahato is one of the top rising DJs in India and is popularly known as DJ kunai. He has also been nominated as the best upcoming DJ in Kolkata and has been associated with grand events like P...

Dj Kunal who started his journey back in 2014 has been making his name in the DJ circuit of the city of joy for quite some time now. Kunal decided to turn away from his family business and concentrate on full time DJing after he completed his schooling from Cathedral High School in Kolkata. He has mentioned overtime that a live video on YouTube named “Tiesto” became his main inspiration for choosing this stream. The stage has always been a special place for him, right from his childhood. He has stuck to the name given by his dad and uses it as his stage name.

Kunal has more than 11 thousand followers on Instagram and has a groovy profile. He knows the taste of the youth and mixes genres well to hit it with the changing taste. He has been associated with events for the Indian Premier League, Journey Festival, Project Sunshine, Fiestro, Crescendo, Mystic World, etc. His works have been accoladed and loved by many over these years. He has been playing in clubs and restaurants around the city for a long time now specially at Carpe Diem, Sonnet, Orion Music Lounge, etc. He works hard on developing an unique style and keeping him fresh in the challenging field. He has gigs all around the year but specially during the festive seasons or the year end. Kunal is a pretty well known face in the DJing space in the city.

DJ Kunal was even nominated as the Best upcoming DJ at the Kolkata nightlife awards 2014. In 2019 the Indian clothing brand HPB ( Half- Past Black ) roped him in as their Brand Representative.

In 2020 he had signed for another famous brand NU Republic and played for them and has recently released his official Instagram filter as well. He has recently signed up for Tiktauli De Crop as their clothing brand ambassador DJ and has his next independent release falling into future house genre lined up already. The talented young man is rooting for all the possible ways to win the hearts of people.