Podcasts are winning the hearts of the people of India and becoming the favourite content format. It has shown incredible growth in the last 2-3 years. All thanks to the pandemic, India has become the world’s largest podcast listening market as per the report by PwC. Have you heard this for the first time? Then, keep reading, a lot of surprises are there showing the potential in Podcasting.

Anchor has added more than 25,000 podcasts from India in the year 2020. Currently, India has around 57.6 million monthly listeners, as per the Media and Entertainment Outlook 2020 report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It is estimated that the number of listeners will rise to 170.6 million by 2023 and India’s music, radio and podcast market will double itself by 2023.

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But what are the driving forces behind the instant popularity of Podcasts? Let’s go through them. We caught up with Vikas Goel from DGTG to list some reasons why podcasts will be a thing in India.

Here are the 10 reasons why Podcast will be the next big thing in India –

  1. Humans love stories – Right from our childhood, we have grown listening to the stories of our Grandma and Grandpa. Those mystical, horror, fairyland stories have made us what we are today. Listening to podcasts is also a similar experience. In most of the cases, a single podcaster is talking to you, sharing the stories personally, to you, and you can enjoy them with your closed eyes. We all love the stories; therefore, podcasts are becoming popular in our country.
  2. The era of Radio is back – Listening to podcasts gives us a nostalgic feeling. We Indians have grown up listening to the radio. The whole family sitting around a single radio listening to their favourite shows. Indian Scoreboard update was this radio only, binding the whole village together under a Banyan tree. Podcasts give us the same nostalgic feel of our childhood days, that’s why we love this format of content.
  3. It is way more personal – The podcaster is talking to you one on one. It gives a more personal feeling to the listener. When you are alone, you can tune into a podcast and it feels like someone is talking to you. Even in a number of surveys, people have said that listening to their favourite celebrities on podcasts make them feel closer to their idols.
  4. Less engagement is needed – Watching a video requires a lot of attention. Your eyes need to be on the screen all the time and your ears need to synchronise the audio with the video. On the other hand, while listening to podcasts, you don’t have to engage in it at such a level. You can listen to it while doing some other work, garnering, in traffic or other chores. This makes it more convenient content format for the listeners as compared to the video format.
  5. A plethora of genres – You can easily find your favourite type of content among the enormous podcasts present over the internet. The podcasts are from different niches, different genres etc. There is fiction, non-fiction, entertainment, experiences, music, marketing, self-growth, spirituality. You name it and you can get channels for the same. This wide variety of options that podcasts provide to the listeners give it the extra advantage.
  6. Exposure to vernacular languages – One of the biggest reasons why podcasts are making their space into the heart of the Indians is because the content is present in numerous languages. You can easily find podcasts in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and a number of other vernacular languages that you are most familiar with. It gives the feeling of attachment to the listener and increases engagement over podcasts.
  7. The tool for Self-learning and growth – A survey by Statista in 2019, in the US says that three out of four consumers listen to podcasts to learn new things. Undoubtedly, people see podcasts as a tool to learn new skills and things. The best part is everything is free and you can listen to it anytime anywhere.
  8. Possible between the breaks – The standout points for the podcasts that makes it popular over the video format is the freedom. You can listen to it at anytime and anywhere. You can listen to it.
  9. Listen anywhere – The standout points for the podcasts that makes it popular over the video format is the freedom. You can listen to it at anytime and anywhere. You can listen to it.
  10. An easy way for creators to create Content – Creating video content which is getting popular is not an easy task. You have to arrange a setup and create content over it. For audio content, just a good recording tool is enough. It has seen a surge in not just the audience but also the content creators in 2020.

According to a recent survey, more than eight out of every ten podcasts listeners spend more than seven hours per week tuning into podcasts(Discover Pods, 2019). That’s an average of over an hour a day for most l listeners, which, for some respondents, is more than the time they spend on social media or watching television!

Do you need any more reasons to believe that Podcasts are getting bigger every day? Don’t wait much, the world moves at a faster pace than your think. So, it’s time to gear up the game and be ready for the next big thing, which is podcast to take over the world in 2021.