Kickstarter campaigns are usually about funding ideas which might or might not appeal to the public depending on the field and the flexibility of the idea. But this new Kickstarter project will definitely knock your ‘socks’ off.

The SilverAir Crew Sock Kickstarter project was funded within 12 hours and successfully raised over $72,000.  The company uses pure silver to act as the main agent to eliminate odor while the sock has been designed in such a way that there is a ventilation zone for the foot to breathe.

Sam Mazumdar, founder of Y Athletics says that the prototype of the sock was worn by a Netherland fan on his cycling trip to Los Angeles from New York.

Mazumdar says, “”We [were] prototyping some of our future products, so we asked him if he’d be willing to test out a new sock. He agreed and wore one sock for two weeks through 800 miles of cycling … it didn’t smell at the end of the trip. That’s when we knew we had to bring this to market.”

This particular odorless sock is, however, not the first article of odorless clothing Y Athletics has introduced. The brand features an odorless shirt, an odorless ankle sock—which became the most widely-funded sock over the world.

The sock is made from a blend of Australian Merino Wool with a specific amount of silver woven into it. Other materials are either imported from Italy, or found in the United States.

The odorless socks will be available in the US market from May 2016.