New Delhi: Early onset of puberty, which is the cause for several behavioural changes including irritability, anger and fear, can be easily prevented by the intake of organic food, nutritionists have said.
Dhvani Shah, a Mumbai-based mother and child nutritionist, raised concerns over puberty in today’s girls which occurs as early as 7-8 years, in comparison to teenage, especially due to sedentary lifestyle.
“Organic food cultivated without the use of chemicals reduces the toxic overload in the body. However, along with the use of organic food, a healthy lifestyle is also required,” Shah said.
On the harm caused by non-organic food, Shah said: “Non-organic food is loaded with chemicals that alters nutrient absorption in the body. It also creates a toxic overload causing malnutrition and diseases in the long run.
“However, I wouldn’t blame non-organic food alone, but also chemical-laden food.”
Puberty is a period where a person shows signs of maturity and fertility. Earlier, it began to show only in the early teens. This time slot has now been reduced by almost five years, causing multiple side-effects and health hazards in girls.
“Early onset of puberty creates mental and emotional disturbance in children. Irritability, anger and fear are common emotional disturbances observed in children.
“On the mental front, children are shown to experience learning disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) amongst many others,” said Shah.
Noting that the change in body parts at such a young age due to early puberty was dangerous, Meenakshi Vasist, a nutritionist from Delhi associated with several private hospitals, said early puberty was also linked with estrogen.
“Estrogen overload definitely is one of the leading causes of hormonal disturbance. So, cosmetics, textured protein all have an overload that may cause early puberty,” said Vasist.
“Not just studies but there is scientific proof too showing organic food to be one of the factors that may reduce early puberty and its side-effects. A lot of heed needs to be paid to eating organically grown food,” she added.

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