The invention of automobiles marked a biblical turn in events all around the world. Equipped with the capacity to accomplish what was considered impossible, it gained our fascination and adoration overnight. Every year in International Expos all the around the world, the curtain falls to a slew of automobiles updated and furbished to the brink of perfection. But there are some museums around the world that are swimming in the opposite direction. In fact, their collection of automobiles is so rare and unique that it becomes an insanely weird experience for someone who is used to the dimensions of a normal car.

We have here four unique and peculiar automobile museums around the world:

Sudha Cars Museum, Hyderabad, India

A giant burger, sofa, snooker table, motorised toilet, tennis ball, stilettos—no, these are not what you think they are, but the work of a quirky genius, Sudhakar Yadav. The talented Sudhakar holds a Guinness World Record for the most bizarre collection of automobiles in the world. Yadav designed his first car at the age of 14 and his collection grew so rapidly that he had to set up his own museum. Sudha Cars Museum in Hyderabad is spread over the size of a football field.

Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, U.S.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Lane Motor Museum has some of the most unusual European car models under its roof. The concept of micro-cars and three-wheeled cars may signify an arrival of futuristic models, but in this particular museum, it is a thing of the past. Every year, the Lane Motor Museum holds annual fundraisers where donors are allowed to drive the vehicles on a nearby rural route. The fact that this motor museum was once a giant bakery is enough evidence of its uniqueness.

Ikaho, Toy, Doll and Car Museum, Japan

Before Japan’s automobile industry took the world by storm, the country largely experimented with different designs in new coming-of-age automobiles. All these motley of automobile re-creations are on display near Mount Haruna. Not only does Yokota-san’s museum have the most vibrant collection of vintage Japanese cars, it also boasts of a wide-range of collection of Japanese items from the 50’s which baffles people visiting the museum.

Art Car Museum, Houston, U.S.

It’s hard to imagine tying a snake around your waist and convincing people that it’s a belt. But in Art Car Museum, Houston, the main motive of the proprietors is to merge the natural superbly with the artificial, which sounds weird, but is immensely awesome. Ann Harithas and James Harithas, founder of the Art Car Museum, emphasize on the spirit of post-modern age of car-culture to spread awareness of the political, economic and personal dimensions of art. To put it short, all of it spells complete abandonment of the normal cars we’re used to seeing. 

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