Is packing for a weekend getaway or long holiday the most difficult task for you? If yes, here are some simple ways to make it easy. Firstly, always remember that it is necessary to pick important things rather than to avoid the risk of overloaded luggage. 

Many times we see, packing becomes more difficult task for all and they begin to plan for the packing either it would be a weekend or short holiday or long holiday.

For those who think packing is most difficult, they should never mind how to pack. Here are some tips for you for different kinds of travels and travellers that can help you how to create your own packing list for holiday.


Have the basics covered

A successful cases or bags should include all the essentials things; from jeans to jewellery, but not everything! Keep it basic. But make sure your bags or cases must be of the right size and you should also leave some space if you are planning for shopping while travelling.

Keep it neutral

You can always use accessories or jewellery to add a pop of colour. So, aim for the colours that complement each other. It would be helpful for you.

Less is more

Try to take useful things that suit your style and are also important for you. Use your styling skills to create as many looks as possible with a few key pieces. Try different variations with your items to see which are the most versatile.

Choose separately

This would be easier for you to interchange the mix and match for your outfits. With this, you can create more styles and be stylist while taking up less space in your suitcase or bags.

Choose a style theme

Pack your bags accordingly, if you are going to the countryside. This will help you select the items you ‘think’ you should take – do you really need high heels in a forest?


When you be in doubt, accessorise! A few and well-chosen accessories will add the finishing touch rather than entire extra outfits and will keep you prepared for any unexpected holiday. 

Final – Go Through

You should go through your daily routine in your mind and make sure you have not forgotten anything, even a small vital before zipping up your bags. And also don’t forget to check the weight of your packed bags before you go ahead with your travel. 

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