New Delhi: Indian travellers are more keen on unbundled itineraries packed with local experiences, and these are expected to generate 15 percent revenue in 2016-17.says online travel portal Cleartrip said on Tuesday.
“We are seeing travelers increasingly opting to create their own travel itineraries, instead of sticking to conventionally pre-fixed, boxed itineraries,” said Cleartrip’s chief marketing officer Subramanya Sharma in a statement.
According to Cleartrip’s Mobile Insight from Q2 2015, which captures leisure markets trends, convenient hyper-local experiences are popular with Indian travellers. And with the mobile phone playing a much wider role in engaging the travellers, Cleartrip had launched Cleartrip mobile with Activities feature.
“Present across 50 cities with over 5000 curated, hand-picked experiences, ‘Activities’ already contributes 15 percent of Cleartrip’s mobile traffic within two months of launch,” the statement said.
Night treks, photography trails, yachting, segway tours and food walks among others are some of the engagements on Cleartrip Activities.
Goa and Bengaluru lead the list of Cleartrip’s top Activities booked destinations with 32 percent share each while Mumbai claimed 11 percent share, Hyderabad four percent and Gurgaon three percent.
Meanwhile, mobile share of Cleartrip reached 59 percent while transactions stood at 46 percent, the statement added.

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