Social Media sites have become so popular not only in India but all over the world. Uploading status and photos on social media sites now trends across the globe for everyone. People like uploading different – different status and beautiful pictures on social media sites especially on Facebook.

I have seen that women are more interested in uploading pictures than men. Women generally use their pictures with different styles and poses.

But including this, they generally prefer uploading edited pictures on the social media platforms rather that original clicks. And there are many photo editor applications such as Paint, Picasa, pics art, Instagram, photoshop, PicMagick, etc where they edit their pictures in different styles, different colours to look different.

Generally, women edit pictures while uploading to remain in limelight, attract more likes and comments. The most important point is to edit the pictures that they become famous and want to look good.

Here you go, how and why women edit pictures while uploading:

  • If any woman looks fat in the picture, you can simply get slim picture to edit the pictures from photo editor apps.
  • The aged women can edit their pictures for looking young and slim online while uploading on social media sites.
  • You can crop picture from your grouping picture if you are looking beautiful and cool in that picture and make your profile picture.
  • Photos with double chins that don’t look perfect in picture can make your face look slimmer with the photo editor apps. 
  • You can also edit your pictures with effects like Filter, Blur, Border, Theme, Shape, Colour etc.
  • While uploading online, you can also edit your eyebrows to look better and perfect as you also know that the Eyebrows can change your entire face.
  • Many of us correct our photos with brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpen.
  • You can add some beauties also in your pictures while editing like big eyes, smile, slim, liquefy, hair style, concealer, whitening, softening, Mosaic.
  • Mostly women also decorate their photos with sticker, brush and also write some text on the photos while sharing online.
  • If you have holiday snaps with your friends and you have to upload, just make collage of those photos while editing and share with your friends online.
  • Now, you can look as you want and share your photos with your friends and closest one with putting some effects while editing and be cool always!

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