New Delhi: Ahead of sweltering days and rising temperature in the city, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has warned against keeping dogs inside cars, as during summers they can succumb to heatstroke within a few minutes.

The animal rights organisation said that even under a relatively mild 28 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside a car can climb to 32 degrees in the shade and a deadly 60 degrees in the sun which is enough to claim the life of a dog.

“Unlike humans, dogs can sweat only through their foot pads, and they cool themselves by panting. Soaring temperatures can cause heat stress and physical injuries – including brain damage – and can result in death,” said Manilal Valliyate, PETA’s Director of Veterinary Affairs.

“Many animals suffer through India’s long summers. One can help them in this extreme heat by following simple steps like providing them with water and shelter,” she added.

To protect animals from soaring temperature in the city, it has also been advised that they should be kept indoors. 

R.A. Khan, curator at National Zoological Park said: “There are incidents of dogs having heat strokes. To protect them, they should be bathed regularly and should be made to stay away from sunlight.”

Environmentalist and chairman of Earth Matters Foundation, Mike Pandey said: “Animals’ body size varies. But their bodies have 70 percent water composition. So, water is necessary for them but it is very difficult for animals to find water in the city.

“People should show compassion for animals by simply putting mud pots outside their homes, and putting a bowl of clean water on windows or on the terrace for birds.”

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