Here is some great news for India and for the residents of Tamil Nadu. The Southern State is the only place in India to make it to The New York Times coveted list of must-visit places in 2016! The State is placed at no 24, in the list released by the newspaper.
The extensive description given by NYT reads, “The State is where India’s major temple cultural complexes are, and some are so large that they’re considered mini cities. The temples aren’t the only cultural hit: the region of Chettinad has more than 50 villages filled with 18th century mansions of carved Burma teak. It also boasts cuisine that is among the spiciest and most aromatic in the country and often served on banana leaves.”
The State has received accolades earlier too for its pristine beauty and delicious cuisine. The State’s capital Chennai, had earlier made it to the list of top 10 destinations to visit in 2015 as per Lonely Planet. 
The destination guide had described the city thus: “Chennai has long been seen as a stepping-stone to other parts of India. But with the opening of the Chennai Metro Rail, the capital of Tamil Nadu plans to raise its profile. If nothing else, fast and frequent air-conditioned trains will transform the experience of exploring this humid metropolis. And there’s plenty to see: statue-covered Dravidian temples, fascinating museums, British-era fortifications and churches, a 3 km-long beach, and India’s second-largest movie industry, Kollywood.”
India’s neighbour Sri Lanka was slotted at 41st place in The New York Times.

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