The sun is getting brighter and the temperature is rising day by day! Have you prepared yourself enough to prevent your skin from the scorching heat?

We all know that direct sunlight is extremely harmful for our skin and we generally take precautions to protect ourselves with the help of wearing sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, umbrella etc. But have you ever thought about your hair?

Sweat and dust leads to an increased number of hair related problems like dandruff, split ends, hair fall etc.

Here are some easy tips that will keep your hair beauty intact this summer:

• Simply go for a hair cut as and when you notice split ends. But if you don’t want to shorten your hair, just trim the damaged portions of your hair.
• Always cover your hair when going out in the sun. Wear a cap, hat or cover your head with scarf to secure hair against the harmful effects of sun.
• Use sun protection conditioner which can help you protect your hair to the damaging effects of the sun for a long time. 
• Avoid using heat; such as hair dryers, curlers on hair as much as you can and leave your hair natural. Don’t use hot water as well to wash your hair as the extra heat can damage your hair in summer. 
• Use moisturising shampoo in summer rather than normal shampoo. But only shampoo is not the best solution to keep your hair smooth. Apply conditioner after shampooing for two minutes and rinse-off.

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