A British man dubbed as “Britain’s biggest playboy” has bought his girlfriend a chocolate running bath as an Easter present, a media report said.

Hotelier Danny Lambo, 37, purchased the world’s first chocolate running bath for his girlfriend Natasha Flynn for 10,000 pounds (about $14,000), Mirror online reported.

“(Egyptian queen) Cleopatra was the ultimate queen of luxury, so a bath that runs chocolate instead of water was the perfect Easter gift for the queen in my life,” Lambo said.

“A standard Easter egg was just not going to cut it this year, so I wanted to get a show-stopping gift to show Natasha my love.”

When filled, the special edition bath can take up to 205 litres of chocolate.

“It really is amazing. I adore chocolate and having a bath so this is my version of heaven,” Natasha said.

“Easter is my favourite time of year because of all of the chocolate. And when you get out your skin feels great and smells delicious.”

Lambo calls himself a self-made millionaire with a net worth of 25 million pounds. Danny, whose actual surname is Karne, is known as ‘Lambo’ because of his passion for extra-loud Lamborghinis.

He owns The Pavillion Hotel in London, a famous hangout for celebrities.

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