Beijing:  In the very beginning of 2016, China bid farewell to its decades-long one-child policy, allowing all couples to have a second child. The change will surely affect the lives of millions of Chinese families, especially those already with a kid.
What do China’s little boys and girls think of the likelihood with a younger brother or sister? Recently, an elementary school in China’s Guangdong province asked its third-graders to answer the following question in a Chinese exam:
“What if your parents come to tell you that they hope to have one more baby in the family? What will you say to them? Give your reasons.”
Among all the 134 students who took the exam, 71 percent said they would like to have a sibling. 42 students even specified which gender they prefer, according to Xinhua news agency. 
Meanwhile, 35 children, which made up 26 percent of all the respondents, said explicitly that they don’t want their parents to have a second child at all.
Below are some of the most interesting answers.
— Is this Sexism?
“I’d prefer to have a little brother. First, men are breadwinners. Second, men can serve our country. Third, men may do better than women in terms of enduring hardship. Forth, men make money without spending a lot. Fifth, men are physically stronger than women, and they don’t get sick very often.”
— The Frugal Girl
“Mommy, I would like to have a baby sister because brothers are usually naughty.  Meanwhile, I’m a girl, and the toys we have now are all for girls. If a boy comes, you have to buy new toys for him. What a waste of money!”
— What a silver tongue!
“Daddy and Mommy, I’m OK with having a little sister or brother. But then you will be much pressured. Our family will spend much more. Sure, I’m old enough to take care of the baby, but it is a living creature, and if you are too busy with work and you ask grandma to look after it. What if grandma says no? You should be responsible for the little creature. Daddy and Mommy, I think you’d better give up the idea of having a second child. What do you think?”
— Your mom may cry over your words
“Mom, if you have to undergo caesarean section, I dread to think what will happen next. So please take care of yourself and don’t have another baby.”
— This kid is very sensitive, and it might not be his fault
“Can I say that I don’t want a little brother or sister? If so, I will no longer be the only child. And you will definitely love the baby more. If anything bad happens to me, you will not try your best to save me. You will think, it’s not a big deal if this kid dies, because we still have another.”
— Boy, this mentality may be dangerous
“I don’t want to have a sibling, because I want to take all the inheritance”. 

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