New Delhi: Californian premium burger brand Carl’s Jr. has launched green burgers keeping in mind the growing demand for healthier options and sensitivities of gluten conscious consumers.
Carl’s Jr. will offer burger lovers a “guilt free” indulgence by providing them the option of substituting the bun with fresh lettuce.
“The green burger or ‘low-carb’ or ‘lettuce-wrapped’ burger will consist of a choice of any juicy, tender, succulent, filling patty with fresh veggies and sauces inside, wrapped in a thick layer of fresh, crispy, lettuce leaves. All the burgers in the menu can be converted into low-carb burgers at no additional cost,” a statement said. 
“Carl’s Jr. worldwide and in India always strives to be trend setters. Our goal is to continue to innovate and introduce new menu items that will appeal to our young thriving guests,” Carl’s Jr. Executive director Sana Chopra said. 
“These green burgers are an attempt to continue the same path that will allow our burger lovers to enjoy our products without worrying about adding on some extra calories,” she added.