New Delhi: Men’s designer Amit Behki will design clothes for renowned personalities like batting legend Sachin Tendulkar, celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, rapper Badshah among others for Monarch Cruise.
The celebrities will wear the designer’s outfits during their stay in Monarch Cruise starting in March.
Monarch Cruise is an Indian cricket and Bollywood luxury cruise, which provides the opportunity to members to get up close and personal with cricketers, celebrities, artists and masterchefs, read a statement. 
Behki would also design clothes for DJ Khushi, stand-up comedian Papa CJ, along with the chairman of Monarch Cruise, Shane Hodges, vice chairman Josh Hill and CEO Somesh Jagga.
With preparations going on for more than a month, Behki has designed outfits in accordance with the theme in “bandh gala” suits with gold buttons and the gold Monarch logo on the blazer. The officials of Monarch were suited up in formals with a golden tie to top it off.
Being a huge admirer of Tendulkar, Behki expressed his admiration for the man. 
“It was a dream come true to not only meet my cricketing hero but also to be a part of the same Monarch Cruise as his. It was a great experience to design for such well known celebs and to work with Monarch Cruise,” Behki said at the launch event of Monarch Cruise at St. Regis in Mumbai. 
“The laser technology helped us create the monarch logos in a very elegant manner and this technology is used for the first time in logo designing. In my whole career, it was the first time we customised suits without taking any actual measurement. The measurements were taken only though visuals. The celebs were happy and pleased,” he added. 
Jagga said that Monarch Cruise is “happy and excited” to have Behki on board. 
“We are happy and excited to have Amit Behki on board as our wardrobe partner and are confident that he will bring The Monarch class designs and catalogues on table, Together we plan to bring the world class custom made options for the Monarch Cruise patrons,” he added. 

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