Dark Circles are the foremost symbol, which show the degree of stress you like to carry with yourself wherever you go. The skin beneath your eyes is the thinnest and softest. It is but obvious, to have that area darkened as the amount of burden increases and the total intake of a healthy nap, decreases.

It is really quite a tiresome and time-consuming process to get rid of these prominent black little spots on your face. But a little bit of mix and match with a handful of precautions can help you recover and regain your young, glowing and flawless skin.

How does it start?

Though Dark Circles can be readily fixed, they mainly happen due to over-doze of stress, fatigue, dehydration, poor circulation, inflammation, poor genes or melanin accumulation.

Here’s what to Do!

In order to get rid of the dark circles, follow the simple and quick steps:

1. Moisturize your skin to increase the moisture quotient of the skin.
2. Use green tea bags and sliced cucumber to cool off the skin.
3. Eat potatoes; they contain an enzyme called catalase which helps in lightening the dark circles.
4. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, lemon, tomato etc. They help in discolouration.
5. Drink lots and lots of water and other healthy fluids to maintain a healthy looking skin devoid of spots and paleness.

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