It’s another weekend and you have no plans. Are you thinking of ways to kill boredom? Here are a 9 Awesome Tricks to help you out. Read on:

Explore new placesExplore new places

Start by exploring nearby places of interest. Learn more about their rich heritage and history, or simply chill and people-watch!


Pursue a hobby

Pursue a hobby

If you are not yet pursuing your hobby, then start right away! Pursue whatever you are passionate about and see how the time flies by! We recommend taking up dancing or cooking classes. Therapeutically uplifting for sure!



Volunteering is a great way to utilise your time. You can join a cause you believe in, for it will not only help kill time, but give you immense satisfaction as well.


run a movie marathonRun a movie marathon

Stock-up on your favourite snacks and drinks — run a movie marathon. No, you do not even have to sweat-out for this. You can simply do this curled up in that cosy bed/couch of yours. Having a BFF for company makes such times the best ever.

start writing a blog

Start writing a blog

Blogging is an awesome way to make your voice heard. Share your thoughts with the world about your hobby and interests. Blogging will also help you connect with like-minded people and expand your social circles.

Write a snail-mail

Write a snail-mail to your dear ones

When was the last time you sent a hand-written letter to someone? Can’t remember right? This weekend, make a list of your dear ones and write individual letters to them expressing your feelings about how lucky you are to have them in your life.

Play board gamesPlay board games

Nothing kills boredom like board games. Come out of the world of computer games and instead try your hand at board games this weekend with your family or friends. It would be a refreshing change from the virtual world and strengthen your bond with near and dear ones as well.

Write a journalWrite a journal

Pour out your thoughts on a piece of paper this weekend. Not only it will ease your burden, but improve your writing skills as well. Who knows, you may become the next best-selling celebrity in your town!


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