While many of us have grown up watching the 2003 Disney sitcom ‘That’s So Raven’, one may have often wondered what made Raven have a real icky time when she was assigned to be Ben Sturky’s Partner in the Science Fair. Well, he stunk!

Raven surely had it rough on her while finding out the ways in which she could let the guy know that he had a somewhat ‘unpleasant’ smell without offending him but nonetheless, she finally did it.

A whole lot of people out there are still stuck with their own ‘Stinky Ben Sturkies’, some of whom even happen to be their best friends. It seems like shifting a rock when it comes to telling your dear ones that they have the ‘smell’, yet here are a few quick tips which can help you overcome the hurdle.

DO NOT IGNORE- Whether it’s strong or weak, you just can’t ignore the smell, especially when it’s coming from someone really close and important to you. You have to make yourself realize that it is serving no good to your friend who stinks. You have to be true to yourself as well as the person who you think stinks.

HAVE THEM IN COFIDENCE- When you need to comment on the fallout of a person, make sure that you have them in your confidence first. Make a proper eye contact with them, take it smoothly, have certain decisiveness in your tone and convince them that it is ultimately for their benefit.

BE EMPATHETIC- Make sure that you do not make a big deal out of it. Keep it short and simple. The person who stinks shouldn’t lower their morale. Help them to realize that this phase is synonymous to a lot of people’s lives, and hence with the passage of time one must overcome it.

BE CLEAR- You just can’t make them go on the Ferry Wheel or the First Roller Coaster of Disney Land when you talk to them. You should communicate in the clearest and straightest manner in order to let them know how they are perceived by others in the one go. They shouldn’t have any confusion and must act straight away.

WORK PERFORMANCE- It is a well known fact that your body odour and presentation reflect your overall personality as well as performance. Bad odour may hamper one’s work performance whether it is in school, college or an organization. Help your peers realize the worth of having a good body odour and to leave a long lasting pleasant impression at work.

NOT JUST GOOD LOOKS- A person is not yet ready to dazzle the world when the only thing they carry with them are ‘good looks’. Help your acquaintances know that the world looks much beyond appearances and features. The world talks about good personality, presentation, speaking skills, dressing sense and of course, a good body odour. Majority of a person’s ‘looks’ lie within their ‘smell’.

ENCOURAGEMENT- Encourage your dear ones once they start acting upon what you lay before them. Tell them that they smell and look good and motivate them to take a better edge if they happen to be in romantic relationships.

A LITTLE CHAT OVER COFFEE AND SHOPPING- Have your friends to be enthusiastic about having a good body odour. Ask them out for a cup of coffee and chat about the new and exciting brands of deodorants, talcum powder and soaps. Ask them what kind of shampoo and perfumes they use and recommend them some good brands; at the same time ask them to recommend some good brands of soaps for yourself too. Go out to shop with them and handpick some good sanitizers and gift them some. This will again, build their confidence and enthusiasm to have a good body odour as they shall realize that even when it is no big deal, it is important for them.