New Delhi: If hummus with pita bread seems to be a done-to-death combination for you, try hummus ice cream or hummus on a pizza? Give these quirky twists and more to the healthy food dip or spread.
Made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic, hummus is originally a Levantine and Egyptian concept.
Here’s how hummus can be had in different ways other than the obvious pita bread, suggests chef Praveen Gonsalves, culinary manager, Barbeque Nation:
* Hummus ice cream: A delicacy in Israel, the dessert is made by adding milk. Beat and freeze the hummus to beat the Delhi heat and finally garnish with dates. 
* Hummus on a pizza: A combination of grilled pizza with spicy hummus, vegetables and cheese can be tried where you can trade in the tomato sauce for some hummus. It can also be had on a crunchy cream cracker, sprinkled with fresh-grated parmesan or goat cheese.
* Hummus mashed potatoes: Instead of adding in loads of sour cream, throw some flavoured hummus into it and stir in a little butter and salt. The combination is healthier than regular mashed potatoes. Hummus flavoured mashed potatoes pair nicely with kebabs, lamb stew, or chicken with Greek seasoning.
* Hummus avocado sandwich: Hummus is a perfect substitute for any kind of sandwich spread. Hummus can be spread on a sandwich as an alternative to mayonnaise or nut butters. Slather bread with hummus and throw in some sliced tomatoes, avocados, and lettuce for a health lunch.
* Traditional hummus with pita and falafel: Wrap hummus in a crisp pita, plate up with some olives, feta cheese and pickled vegetables or shake things up with roasted red pepper hummus or garlic hummus and pair with wholewheat pita to go the healthy route. 
* Hummus with raw vegetables: The combination can be a quick, healthy snack. Fill serving bowl with the hummus of your choosing and fill the bowl with assorted raw vegetables such as sliced cucumber or zucchini, carrot or cherry tomatoes and you are good to go.
* Hummus wrap: Add hummus to any wrap you’re making, be it paneer (cottage cheese), chicken or mutton and voila! 
* Egg on toast, tomato and hummus: The mix is a perfect combination for a good healthy breakfast. 
This is also a very versatile dish, easy to make even if you are lacking an ingredient. 

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