I often come across people who are perpetual whiners at the dining table. A few of their daily dose of annoying phrases echoing in my ears include “I eat meat but not much flesh”, “I don’t like mix gravy”, “Slice the onion thin but not too thin”, “Yes dessert, no sweets” and so on.

As a decree by the ‘unknown almighty’, food is essential to all living beings on Earth.

While most species on planet are either herbivores or carnivores, a large number of these are omnivores as well. However, we, the human beings — the ones with no sharp claws, armoured skins or lightning fast speeds — are the apex predators of them all.

Among us, types of eating habits are classified as vegan, fruitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore and other dietary people (exceptional).

Vegan diet excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and they avoid using fur, leather, wool, silk or any products tested on animals.

The fruitarians are one of the people on the most restrictive diet which depends only on fruits, while a pescatarian eats fish but no animal meat. Omnivore would eat a variety of food of both plant and animal origin.

The common phenomenon in the above categories is eating food.

Most importantly, food habits characterise the lifestyle or social behaviour of a person.

For instance, in most cases, a vegan would not like to share the dining table with meat eaters. The latter might also complain about the vegan’s picky eating habits.

However, some humans tolerate others whether they eat the same or not. I have a vegetarian colleague who can sit and chat with people on the same dining table where chicken wings are served!

However, things can be pretty simple for a non-picky omnivore — they seldom complain of food because they are common denominator for all food groups.

Yes, I am an innocent omnivore. At the same time I feel like the apex predator that can look down on whiny picky eaters.

If I ever have to give an annoying point towards these people I can start with “Oh please don’t touch the meat on my plate, I’m a vegan on picky eaters.”

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