We might greet our colleagues with the brightest smiles and laugh on their jokes which make us feel like punching them through the nose. 

Let’s accept it, there is only one thing we could possibly do after getting out of work- bitch about our co-workers or make fun of them. Why? Because we hate them!

Today, one out of every five workers hates their colleagues. You are lucky enough to not be the only one! It is a race, like a competition where the level is gradually raised. It is like a Popularity Contest where everyone wants to catch hold of the Driver’s seat. 

We hate them because they act like a competition to us; a healthy competition which evolves in our lives as an unhealthy one. We are talented but so are they. Our minds are always upto innovating ideas but they are no less. This kind of a contest grows into a clash of who is supposed to be a better Titan, and the Titans start up with feelings of malice against each other.

According to The OnePoll researchers, who surveyed 2,000 people, media is the business where back-stabbing is most rife, followed by accounts, IT and sales. It was least common in nursing.

A spokesman for OnePoll said, “Workers are spending longer and longer in each other’s company as workloads increase. That leads to added tension. People who are in positions of authority are bound to end up as victims of back-stabbing. But workers should be careful, as one in twenty has sent an inappropriate message to the wrong person.”

Keeping the Popularity Contest aside, there are these varieties of icky factors that make us dislike our colleagues more than ever. None of us can agree with it more. Some of them won’t be as talented as we are, but Man! They complain a lot. 

We gossip so much about them that we just could not let go of it. But then there are these godforsaken boring people who never give us company when we gossip and become the Most Hated Worker of the Year. 

And there are people who in fact gossip until they die, and we hate them too. We hate our colleagues because they are lazy and never actively participate in our projects and we hate them because they would never put a halt to their never ending doubts that draw out the meetings.

How can we forget the Brown Nosers? We hate our colleagues because they lick their ways out of our boss’ boots and are 24×7 buttering them, gliding the edge, trying to be the most benefitted worker. 

Some of our co-workers are so into themselves that they don’t even care to interact with other people around them, with us. We don’t like them either! And sometimes, we don’t like some of them so much that we don’t care to talk to them. 

It is pretty much clear that a lot of people of our kind don’t like their colleagues. Some of them are pretentious, some are egoistic, some are over-friendly and some are not friendly at all. The circle continues and our hang outs never miss to attend our endless ranting against our colleagues.

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