On a pleasant day, log into your social page, type a line “Hello, have a nice day” and wait. After thirty minutes, you might get hardly two or three “likes” and of course no comments. Is it because other netizens are having a bad day or they simply hate “nice” comments?

The answer is plain and simple – lame wishes don’t invoke the netizens of modern times.

Let’s experiment more – type a “not so” nice line or just drop the “F” bomb. You’ll receive more than twenty likes in a few minutes (if you have few hundred people in your circles). Some of them are likely to reply to your comment with a plethora of suggestions. While others would even act like superheroes to rescue you from your suicidal inner feelings!

Now, go to a trending public forum page and type something against a commonly favoured subject/opinion on a related post. In few minutes, a tonnes of feedbacks would be bombarding your comment thread.

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The words you used might not be ‘obscene’ but some netizens make it their personal endeavour to take you to task. For them you are a heavy troll.

To invoke the social networking dwellers, you don’t have to write a lengthy provocative comment. All you need to do is type a one line “special” pun. There is long list of one pun lines which can be written off a hundred-page book.

If you don’t want to exaggerate on how much you hated the subject, you can wrap up in “Who cares?” with a Saitama face.

These two words are so powerful that they could invite all the haters not only on that particular page but also from other sources if the page tagged that particular “favoured subject”.

They might retort you with “But you cared enough to make a comment” or “Why are you here then”.

If you want an extreme way, just drop “We don’t care” with a smile emoticon.

Here you go again, starts a war on a pleasant doomsday. You wanted this, this is it!

During the first fifty minutes you might be enthusiastic enough give every tooth and nail reply until your fingers burn from incessant typing.

In most cases, the comment-reply debates are likely to continue for days and the battles might even affect your mental well-being. Yes, for those who don’t know yet, spending too much time on internet is not a good exercise.

The best recommendation is that you must not quit but leave the battle field with your head-held-high. Do not try this at all unless you have an ice-cool brain. Else you may die of trolling haemorrhage.

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