New Delhi: Moving away from the traditional ways of showcasing live surgeries, Saket City Hospital organised a unique 3D gynaecological laparoscopic surgery workshop here on Sunday.
The event was attended by 350 gynaecologists who witnessed a seamless screening of scarless and painless surgical methodology at PVR cinemas, Select City Mall, with Dolby Atmos surround sound.
“Saket City provided a great example of an innovative use of technology that will allow clinicians to understand complex surgical techniques in an interactive manner,” said president and head of department, DGFS Saket City Hospital Manju Khemani.
The hospital aims to provide a graphically more detailed experience to the clinicians present at the theatre by introducing an educative usage of technology that allows clinicians to not just watch a live surgery, rather experience it.
With the phenomenal advances made in audio-visual technologies and high-speed telecommunications systems, live surgeries are slowly becoming a popular technique to showcase the surgical complexities and technological nuances on a larger platform.
“Using large-scale 3D screens for live education is a wonderfully different experience altogether. The live screening today (Sunday) enabled surgeons to visually experience the minute details that may go amiss in traditional live-surgery workshops,” said chief surgeon Rajesh Modi.

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